Bio: I'm a passionate, big hearted woman, friend, and single mom of 4. Been through so much since day one that I really should have wrote a couple books. Between raising kids, working full time, and surviving the struggle I manage to fit in a little time to myself, and some of that time you will find me here. I am hoping that through my blogs you might find something you needed for your day, or your journey in life. A connection that makes you feel as though I was hugging you, laughing with you, or shedding the same tears. I am not perfect, but always genuine. I am not here to prove anything to anyone, nor judge anyone. Only here in hopes to inspire others through sharing the hardships, and the blessings that many of us encounter in our daily lives. Some days writing can be a way to express myself, or vent. I have seen the positive impact it has had on me, and on others when we share some of the things were going through, and the things we've gone through. Were all human, and different in our own ways. Were not better then anyone, and all deserving of unconditional love, and hope. So I intend to share that hope with you, and bring joy along with me. When something is heavy on my heart or mind that I feel moved to share, I do. It can even be something funny I hear, or even something hilarious that my kids do that might bring joy to your day. Whatever it might be, I promise to keep it real. I love to laugh. It's what keeps me going. I am convinced that tragedy, hardships, heartaches, and all the other crap wants to harden us, and I'm determined not to let it.

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